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Matman is best known for their carpet sales and installations. The company also fit a variety of blinds and security doors.

Trellidor Louis Trichards

015 516 0041
Trellidor has manufactured physical security solutions for over 30 years. Our ranges include security gates and burglar guards in a variety of designs to suit all risk profiles. We custom-make every security barrier for strength integrity and can incorporate most architectural features and embellishments.

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Big 5

015 516 2174
For all your Security needs. Residential to Indusrtial

DRS Security

015 516 2448

Mphakoma Fitment Centre

Tel: - 079 408 7558 www.mphakoma.co.za

Mphakoma Fitment centre was established in 2011, and provides the following services: - window tinting; anti- smash and grab (secure tint); cooling and protection for cars and houses.