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Ayob Motors

A history of excellence

The story of Ayob Motors started more than half a century ago, when the late Yassin Ayob, better known as Charlie Ayob, sold his first car to a customer in Louis Trichardt. That little Volkswagen Beetle marked the start of a name that was soon to become one of the town’s landmarks.

Initially, the selling of cars was done on a part-time basis. In 1958, Charlie and his brother, Abdul Gaffar, managed Charlie’s Den, a café in what is now Songozwi Street. The one car per month sold quickly became two, and then three and very soon the business was established. Ayob Motors was initially situated where CNA is currently in the town’s main street. Most of the cars sold were used, with the odd new one here and there.

In 1977, Charlie bought a site on the N1, but the construction work only started four years later in 1981. Ayob Motors opened its doors in the new building in December 1981. For the first time in the history of the business, it was a fully fledged garage with petrol pumps, car sales and a workshop. The fuel sold was supplied by Total, a business relationship which still continues.

In 1981, Charlie’s son Faizal joined him in the business. The new premises introduced a new era with new challenges. Apart from cars, the business had to sell fuel, spares, and accessories with workshop facilities. Being ideally located to serve local business and residents, as well as motorists travelling on the N, helped a lot.

Hussain, Faizal’s younger brother, joined the business in 1985 and took over the responsibility for the accessories shop. This proved to be another success story and a few years later Ayob Motors boasted the biggest selection of mags north of Pretoria and had won numerous awards.

Soon it was realised that, in order to cope with the demands of the modern-day motorist, the facilities would have to be improved.

Discussions with Total for the upgrading of the garage started in 1992 and the construction got off the ground in March 1995.

With construction completed, the new-look Ayob Motors boasted two completely rebuilt showrooms, an administration block, a larger workshop, modern toilet facilities and a hi-tech driveway which caters for 20 vehicles at any given time.

In 2000, Ayob Motors suffered a major setback when Faizal underwent a brain operation. This was followed by another major setback in May 2002 when Charlie died of a heart attack at the age of 66. That year, due to health reasons, Faizal started scaling down on business with Hussain taking over full control of the company. Faizal and his family moved to Pretoria in 2008.

In August 2004, Hussain decided to convert their accessories shop into a convenience store, moving their mags shop across the street into a new high-tech building. Shortly afterwards, Tiger Wheel & Tyre approached Hussian and in November 2004 Ayob Motor's mags shop became a fully fletched Tiger Wheel and Tyre dealership.

Today Ayob Motors is still as busy as ever, with an impressive array of second-hand cars - anything from a Mini to an Aston Martin. “At Ayob Motors we can source you any vehicle you want,” says Hussain.

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